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The Final Countdown

In a few days all of the election drama will be over (we hope). We will be left with President Trump for four more years or President Biden for as long as the DNC wants him around. We are either going to be very happy on Tuesday or very sad. But no matter what happens, there will be a conclusion to the 2020 race. In other words, it will be what it will be.

I love this country. I love this country as founded. It is true that America has brought more freedom to more people than any other country of the world. I believe that this is the greatest country of the world. I believe that our republic is the best system of government of the world. But every four years we are faced with the truth that even this great nation can fall. It was made on earth. It was created by men. It has worldly ambitions. It is flawed. This nation is of the world.

I believe in times like this, it is good to reflect on the best nation that has ever graced this planet. A kingdom not of this world. The Kingdom of God.

Here are a few few quick thoughts that came to my mind. Maybe you think of even more!

· Jesus said that the kingdom of God on earth will be identified as the church of Christ (Matt 16:18-19).

· Jesus said that it would never die (Matt 16:18-19).

· Jesus built it on his perfect law (Luke 8:11).

· His law never changes. The goal post never moves (Jude 1:3).

· Jesus is not elected by the people, He was anointed by God as King of Kings (Matt 3:17, Acts 2:36, 1 Tim 6:15-16).

· It’s focus is on eternal prosperity (Matt 6:19-21).

· It was not thought up by men, it was the eternal purpose of an eternal God (Eph 3:11).

· All people can be citizens of it (Gal 3:26-28).

· It has an unbreakable promise of victory (1 Cor 15:57).

· Our King comes to the aid to all citizens when they make mistakes from time to time ( 1 John 2:1).

· Our King bore the guilt so his kingdom wouldn’t have to (Isaiah 53).

· Our King will someday hand us over to the Father to live forever ( 1 Cor 15:24).

· Our King makes better promises (Heb 8:6).

America is great and I am so thankful to be born here, but it doesn’t stand compared to God’s Kingdom. My allegiance to America may end someday. But may we never break our allegiance to Christ.

Though the way we journey may be often drear, We Shall See the King Someday!

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