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What is Critical Race Theory?

If you spend any amount of time watching the 24-hour news stations, you have heard about Critical Race Theory (CRT). Depending on which station you watch, you are either going to be for it, or against it. I hear people lament it as if it is the worst thing in the world, and then I hear people advocate it like it is better than the gospel. But I am very curious how many people actually know what it is?

On any polarized issue, I default to a position that is opposite of what CNN, MSNBC, or any other liberal opinion. That is just my rule of thumb. (I don’t default to trusting Foxnews, Newsmax, or any other conservative source. They are liars and manipulators too.)

CRT is advocated by the most liberal groups in America so by default I am against CRT even before I knew exactly what it is. My reasoning is, the more left you get, the more godless the ideology. The ultra-left hates God. They hate His view of the home. They hate His view of sin. They hate His Word. If these people want CRT, I conclude that CRT is probably awful.

While I am confident in this thought process, it doesn’t explain what CRT actually is. We can’t reject something just because an evil group of people advocates for it. That would be the same sort of blind judgement that CRT makes. Jesus said, “Do not judge according to appearance but make righteous judgement”. We want to make righteous judgement on CRT.

So what is Critical Race Theory? As an official organization, it appeared in 1989 at the first annual Workshop for Critical Race Theory. But the theory itself had been brewing for decades.

Critical Race Theory is a branch of a bigger tree called Critical Theory(CT). CT was developed in the early 1930’s and was based on Marxist principles. The great difference between Marxism and CT is; Karl Marx saw material wealth as the source of all the problems in the world, and CT says that power is the problem. Where Marx thought the rich were the oppressors, CT says power makes someone an oppressor. People with power are the enemy in Critical Theory.

One of Critical Theory’s main targets of attack was western society and especially America. America and the western world had the power therefore they were evil. CT began to attack all of the things that made the west powerful.

One of the keys to the west’s power is an acceptance of objective truth. The Declaration of Independence says “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” America was founded on objective truths given by God. CT rejects objective truth. CT accepts a postmodern approach of “many possible truths”.

CT values the anecdotal evidence over analytical evidence. The narrative is more important than the facts. A victims experience and feeling of oppression carries more weight than objective truth. Remember, in CT, objective truth is a tool used by the powerful, and the powerful are evil.

We see the effects of this mentality all around us, but nothing illustrates it better than the acceptance of transgenderism. Our society is so confused about truth that many people just go along with a boy saying they are a girl. It is being taught to accept that sort of nonsense as truth. Our society then elevates and praises this individual for belonging to this minority group. That is Critical Theory illustrated.

Out of CT, Critical Legal Studies(CLS) was formed in the 1970’s. It took Critical Theory to the law. It operated in the legal world, under the theory that the law was written to protect the people in power. Seed’s of destroying the constitution were planted in this period.

Out of CLS, Critical Race Theory was born. It applies all of the foundational pieces of CT and directs them specifically at race. Therefore, whatever racial group seems to have the most power is oppressive and evil. In the view of CRT, every injustice is the result of racism.

In the world of CRT the more marginalized and victimized you are, the more “your truth" matters. On the other hand, if you are not part of a victimized group your voice does not matter, because you just want to keep your power.

CRT has determined that “white supremacy” is the worlds greatest problem. White people generally possess the positions of power in government and business so they are the enemy. This is why there is such a desire among this group to rip up the Constitution of the United States. In their mind, the Constitution was written by the white man to oppress. This is where the phrase “systemic racism” comes from.

CRT sees racism in every single white person, and in every thing that happens to a minority. When George Floyd died, all other circumstances are irrelevant, what actually killed him was white supremacy. If a white man is hired for a position it isn’t because he was more qualified, it is because of white supremacy. And just like all marxist doctrines, you can’t argue against it if you are in a supposed position of power.

CRT is absolute prejudice filth.

CRT is also stupid. It is self defeating. By its own principles the more power it gains, the more evil it is, and then the more it needs to be destroyed.

CRT is evil and hate filled. It is based on the same Marxist principles that are responsible for the deaths of 100’s of millions of people. It needs to be rejected by every single person.

One of the biggest problems that I personally have with CRT isn’t in the philosophical but in the practical. There is oppression in this world. There are problems. Minorities are treated bad in certain places. Like all marxist based organizations, CRT doesn’t solve any of those problems. It minimizes true evil, by making evil relative. It silences true injustices. A man might legitimately be beaten by a policeman because he is hispanic. None of us want that. But those stories get drowned out by the individuals that cry racism every time something happens to a minority. CRT can numb a society toward all racism because they have stripped away the meaning of the word.

Christians don’t want people to be oppressed. We want justice for all. We want good for all. We want people to be free. CRT stands in the way.


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